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Arlene's Selections and Services are Impeccable!

You are truly a Godsent.

Your Staff was Exceptionally Helpful!

Thank you Arlene's Bridal for everything! I absolutely loved my dress and the bridesmaid's dresses! Your staff was exceptionally helpful and I truly appreciate everything that you guys did! Special thanks to Debbie.. You are amazing!


Stunning Wedding

I felt Like Part of the Family!

Arlene's bridal was so nice, they were very knowledgeable about what dresses would look best with my body shape and stayed under my budget. They weren't pushy throughout the appointment and made me feel like part of a family.


- Bride Tina 

A Truly Wonderful Experience!!!

What a WONDERFUL experience...from phone call to first visit. I am a bride to be from Long Island who recently moved to NJ. After trying on a beautiful dress on Long Island but not loving my experience at the store there, I called Arlene's to see if they had it in stock. Debbie answered the phone and from the very second she answered the phone I was at ease and knew I was in good hands. Debbie even said "Em, call me as many times as you need with as many questions as you have!" which was a first out of the many stores I had called.

Even though I was calling to CANCEL my bridal dress try on for the upcoming weekend due to a scheduling conflict, Debbie said I could come into the store on my way home from work at 4:15 (even though they close at 5) just to try the dress I loved on! I was greeted with a smile upon entering the store and not only did Debbie help me try on the dress, she also had me try on another she thought I would like and took pictures of me in it. Debbie had wonderful ideas about how to alter the dress to my liking and truly put me at ease. I will definitely be back to try on the dress again with my mom and my MOH! What a wonderful first experience at Arlene's! Thank you Debbie!


- Emily S. / Posted on The Knot   ADDITIONAL KNOT REVIEWS

Enormously Proud to be an "Arlene's Bride!"

My family and I cannot say enough about Arlene's Bridal. Not only did I find my wedding gown there (+ veil, belt, and hair comb), my mother and grandmother found their gowns, as well (at a discount, since I was an "Arlene's bride!" It doesn't get better than that!). I was originally drawn to Arlene's because they carried a Casablanca gown I had my eye on, but my family and I were quickly impressed with the entire staff of sales associates.


Arlene's knowledge, eye for style, and ability to read their customers desires/reactions was so helpful and very much appreciated as I navigated the entire process of trying on dresses, purchasing, selecting accessories, alterations, etc. My mother in particular thought she would NEVER find something she liked, and after trying on a few dresses one associate pulled a dress my mom would have never picked out herself. She didn't have it on for even five minutes before she "said yes to the dress." The associate truly nailed it and mom looked AMAZING! Nothing but good things to say about Arlene's. I would happily recommend!


- Kara W. / Posted on The Knot 

An Incredibly Positive Experience!

f you do not go to Arlene's for your dress, I think you may be crazy. I had an amazing experience with them. I came in dead set on the dress that I wanted. My consultant, Christine, pulled my "dream dress" plus others like it, and a few that she thought I might like. Long story short, I hated the dress I had picked out (of course), and ended up falling in love with the dress she picked out for me from the second I put it on. It was that "ooo, ahhh" moment that every girl hopes for! I cannot stress how important it is to have an amazing consultant on your side, and Christine was that person for me! Better yet, you cannot beat these prices.


I came in with a budget of $4,000 and ended up spending may $1,300 WITH ALTERATIONS. Speaking of alterations, holy crap, I have never seen better work done on alterations. When I walked down the aisle, I seriously looked like I was wearing a custom gown. And my amazing seamstress did not stop tweaking it until everything was perfect. We also got all of our bridesmaids' dresses here, and my girls all relayed an equally positive experience. I just cannot say enough great things about Arlene's, from their incredibly friendly and attentive staff to their great selection of dresses, headpieces, and accessories, Arlene's is the place to go!


- Alicia T. / Posted on The Knot 

Enormously Proud to be an "Arlene's Bride!

Debbie, Jewel and the rest of the girls were wonderful to work with. They were always so nice, super helpful and incredibly sweet – their sense of humor and witty dialogue seemed to make the anxiety melt away! I'm sending everyone who's getting married their way!


- Kim L. / Posted on The Knot 

Your Team is Amazing!

Arlene and her team are amazing!!! I had a great experience shopping for my gown and getting the alterations. I highly recommend this salon. Thanks for making me feel beautiful on my wedding day ladies!!


- Tracy Dourdis 

Stuck With My Budget with Red Carpet Service!

I wish I could give them more than 5 stars…after going to a few bridal stores this was by far the best experience I have had. I showed Debbie one photo of a dress that I had tried on at another store that I loved and she pulled dresses that were similar but 10 times better! Also, they’re very accommodating when it comes to your budget…. A lot of places will give you dresses to try on over your budget “just in case”. Debbie was absolutely amazing, she made getting my dress such a personalized and special moment that I will remember for the rest of my life. I said YES to the dress and could not be more thankful ❤️


- Nadia Ghnaim

Needed Debbie Twice. She's Now Family!

I used Arlene’s twice (yes twice. It happens 😁🤷🏻‍♀️) and I cannot say enough about them. Debbie knows her stuff. She knows what you want before you do. The staff is so helpful and so friendly that they become family.  Love Arlene’s and would recommend them to anyone!!


- Abbie Ventola

Ordered Without Trying on My Dress. It was Perfect!

An “old” bride here. Was looking for dresses back in 2019 for my 2020 wedding. Don’t remember names besides Debbie, but everyone was just lovely to talk too. I went to 8 different stores, Arlene's Bridal being the last, and tried on 80+ dresses, that dress being the last one.


My assistant was very helpful when picking out a dress. I didn’t understand why I liked the dress better online than in the store and it was because the online dress was in a different color than classic ivory. I trusted my gut and chose the dress in a color I never tried on before and ended up loving it!


The seamstress was super helpful and collaborated with me on how to look. It was never wracking watching her cut the bottom of the dress off to bring the hem up while standing it, lol, but she said to trust her and it turned out beautiful! My original wedding date was April 2020, which got canceled for obvious reasons. Debbie held onto the dress for me until we picked a new date. A week before the wedding, I went in to make sure it still fit and the seamstress was able to continue to make adjustments. She also showed my mom and sister where the buttons and loops were for bustling the skirt.

I saw a review saying the prices were too expensive. GIRLLL, if you want a cheap dress, get it off of Amazon. All wedding dresses are expensive, just like everything else one would want for a wedding. It’s what the industry does. Besides, it’s the designers who make the price. (also did my research with looking up designers and their prices to know what to stay away from.)


I personally thought the dresses and tailoring were reasonably priced and got a dress within (or around?) my budget and loved it. Like I said, my experience was over 3 years ago, but if I had to do it all over again, I would go to them sooner! Couldn't be happier with my decision.


- Amanda Ramirez

An Absolute Pleasure to Work With!

Arlene's bridal was an absolute pleasure to work with! It was my first time going into a wedding store and my last! The team they have is absolutely professional and well knowledged when it came to wedding dresses! All my fittings went absolutely well and the end result was just amazing! Thank you so much for making our day complete!!!!


NJ Wedding

So Friendly, Professional and Not Overpriced,

Debbie at Arlene's Bridal is a True Gem!

My sister-in-law brought me to Arlene's to try on Wedding Dresses one day - no pressure since my wedding was still 10 months away. Little did I know, but I fell in love with the first dress that they put me in and ended up wearing it for my wedding last month. It was a stunning Mori Lee dress and I still love looking at it in pictures. I was one of those brides that was convinced I would only find my dress at Kleinfeld's or some fancy boutique and end up paying over $5,000. I am so happy that I found Arlene's instead - they are so friendly and not overpriced. Debbie was great to work with and never got annoyed with me with all my alterations and requests. I highly recommend working with her and visiting Arlene's! I'm not from the area and never would have found it on my own, but it's a little hidden gem.


Out of Town Wedding

All 7 Bridesmaids Were in Awe & Ecstatic!

I initially went to Arlene's Bridal in search of bridesmaid gowns. I have approximately 7 bridesmaids, and we thought that the process was going to be painful. However, upon arrival Jewels was great! She set up the rooms, and assisted myself and the bridesmaids with selecting dresses that would fit each and everyone's body. The girls found their dresses in approximately 45 minutes, and we had fun going through the process. Because I was not sure as to whether or not I was going to buy my dress from Arlene's I told them that I had not had a gown, and was interested in trying some on. Immediately all of the associates encouraged me to start looking for gowns. Therefore, I made an appointment to come in after work, on Thursday @ 5 p.m. I was excited but was also dreading this event, because I've watched so many reality TV shows. I thought that I was going to be indecisive, aggravated, and wasn't going to be able to find anything. The process was awesome, and Jewels worked so well with me. I tried on 7 dresses, and fell in love with number 5. made my purchase by 5:45 p.m., and I am ecstatic.


Expedited Wedding

Arlene's Alterations Were Pure Perfection!

I bought my gown at Arlene's bridal. Jewel was my bridal consultant. She was friendly and pulled gowns based on what I was looking for, what would look good on my body type and also a few of her personal favorites! I only tried on about 5-6 gowns before I found the perfect one! The woman who did my alterations was a perfectionist and did a wonderful job. I did not question her ability to make my dress fit me perfectly! My bridal party also got their dresses here. Arlene's let my bridal party come in and try dresses until my party found the perfect one. Arlene's had just the right amount of dresses to choose from. Not to many dresses to become overwhelmed but just enough (but they will order for you if they don't have the one you want in the store). They made sure my mom and each bridesmaid dress fitted them perfectly so we all looked great for the big day! There alterations were very reasonable, the lowest I have seen around. I highly recommend checking out Arlene's Bridal!


Pure Perfection Wedding

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